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"Dwnsiwn y Dis" by Terry Cavanagh

YnChwarae is your premier destination for meticulous game localisation services, where we proudly translate a myriad of games into the rich, cultural tapestry of the Welsh language.

We have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned game developers and companies such as Wales Interactive, working on titles like 'Sker Ritual', and Terry Cavanagh, the creative mind behind 'Dicey Dungeons'. Additionally, we have lent our linguistic expertise to Pug Fugly Games for 'Destructivator 2' and 'Alien Death Mob'. 

Our passion is to bridge worlds by offering immersive and authentic Welsh gaming experiences, ensuring every nuance and essence of the original game is seamlessly conveyed and enjoyed by our Welsh-speaking gaming community.

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I had a great time working with Morgan to localise my games Dicey Dungeons, Super Hexagon and VVVVVV to Welsh. He was responsive and thoughtful about the translations, and I've had wonderful feedback from Welsh-speaking players on the quality of the text. I'd highly recommend working with him!
As a games developer based in Wales I thought it would be a great idea to get some of my games translated into Welsh. I was approached by YnChwarae to initially work on my game Destructivator 2. I was delighted with the work - not just the quality and turnaround time but also the attention to detail. They were for example happy to provide alternative phrases where straight translations weren't appropriate. Since then they have provided the translations for another game, and I shall definitely use them in the future. Diolch!